VtR London

Session 3

adventures in the alleys of London

Derya – Professor Leon Ward
Jay – Enya Valentine
Alex – Jack Hinks

The party meets Robert at Victoria Park. They discover some more information from him about the Culling. Robert tells them that that he does not know the details, but years ago just before the Culling began, his friend told him that a great curse would set upon the Kindred of the city and purge them of sin. His friend, Bradley Gilliam, disappeared shortly after the Culling began, but Robert does know that he had extensive notes that might remain. The party does some research and discovers some writings by Gilliam; he wrote a treatise on the malleability of the human consciousness and some other works.

They also decide to assist a higher ranking member of the Ordo Dracul, Felix, in exchange for him putting in a good word with the upper echelons of vampire society. He asks them to look into a hospital that burned down in the 80s and which has had curious tales surrounding it since. His ghouls haven’t found anything out of the ordinary there, but Auspex might reveal something. The party does a bit of research and discovers the names of two doctors who survived the fire; Dr. Dick Lance Farmer and Dr. Laurence Hewitt. Dr. Hewitt has an obituary from five years past, while Dr. Farmer has since relocated to New Jersey. They send a message to Dr. Farmer and wait for a response. Meanwhile, they fail to obtain a gun despite searching many dark alleys for someone selling guns out of a truck and find out through the records office the details of Gilliam’s life, officially, and where his house was. They go to the address, where they find in a hatch hidden in the cellar a pile of documents and a leather package containing some rusted metal hooks and a scalpel.

Experience gained: 3



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