VtR London

Session 1

Team completes basic errand without fucking up and gets validated.

Derya – Professor Leon Ward
Jay – Enya Valentine
Alex – Jack Hinks

The party is asked by Prof. Ward’s sire to check in on another member of the Ordo Dracul, Amelia Hopper, who did not appear at Elysium the night before. They visit her house and Prof. Ward picks the lock effortlessly with a paper clip, despite not having any prior experience in lockpicking whatsoever. Upon entrance, they begin searching the house and find a secret door in the fireplace, along with some blood packs in the fridge. Up the stairs on the second floor, they find a large bedroom outfitted with an operating table, a walk in closet filled with tubs of chemicals, blood and other unknown substances, and another room filled with bookshelves. On the third floor, they confront a vampire in frenzy and Jack KNOCKS HIM THE FUCK OUT while Prof. Ward flails his arms and Enya goes downstairs to get a scalpel and a beaker of unknown chemicals. They find the body of Amelia’s ghoul, head missing, on the floor of the bedroom, and find the key to the secret door on his body. Heading back to the secret door, they find Amelia down a ladder behind the fireplace in a secret basement. She explains that she wanted to see what happens when a human that has been brought to as close to a blank slate as possible is Embraced – it appears that the Beast fully took over. She asks them to take the vampire back to the Kogaion’s house (aka Castlevania). Enya distracts some unruly teenagers outside while the other two shuffle the body into the car and they take the body back successfully. They then get some hard earned (?) rest.

4 EXP for each character was acquired.



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