VtR London

Session 2

A valiant rescue occurs

Derya – Professor Leon Ward
Jay – Enya Valentine
Alex – Jack Hinks
Richard – Alyssa Cornwall

Enya’s parents inform her that a cousin of hers, Samuel Valentine, has just arrived in town. He is a quite successful vampire hunter, and they want her to follow and learn from him. They meet and he tells her that he has already found the trail of a vampire in town. He suspects that a worker at the Oxford University Hospital is a vampire. Enya agrees to meet with him the following week to hunt her, and then informs the rest of the party. Leon asks his sire and figures out that the vampire in question is the newest member of the Ordo Dracul. They go to the hospital to warn her, but run into Samuel on the way out. Enya introduces Jack and Leon as her friend and his bodyguard, and they make some small talk before leaving.

Enya and Sam return to the hospital a few days later, dressed in hospital scrubs and a lab coat. They make their way into the hospital and find Alyssa’s office. Meanwhile, the vampires set up in Alyssa’s lab and prepare. Samuel picks the lock into the office and rifles through the papers, finding the location of Alyssa’s lab. They make their way to the lab and find it locked. Samuel leaves Enya with a sword and a shotgun, and tells her he will be back shortly. Forty-five minutes later, the lights go out. He returns, takes the shotgun back, and gives Enya a molotov cocktail. He tells her to throw the cocktail into the room as soon as he opens the door. Three shotgun blasts later, the door falls open. Alyssa, waiting on the other side, throws a small jar of chloroform at him. He manages to avoid it, but fumes start to fill the hallway. He tells Enya to throw the cocktail and run. Enya gives a half-hearted toss, and some of the alcohol spills out and creates a small puddle of fire on the ground. They vampires all manage to avoid a fear frenzy, and they put out the fire before leaving.

In the aftermath, Samuel tells Enya to make sure that the vampire died, while he searches for other vampires. The vampires decide that it would be best for Alyssa to move to the Kogaion’s mansion and lay low for a while.

Experience gained: 4



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