VtR London

Session 0


Derya – Professor Leon Ward
Jay – Enya Valentine
Kong – Eva Starlet
Alex – Jack Hinks

The party attends Elysium, where they meet each other. Prof. Ward gets Eva to join the Ordo Dracul. After some socializing, the gathering is interrupted by a large leathery Nosferatu, who the Lady addresses as “Robert”, barging in the door and proclaiming that the Culling is imminent. The party asks Prof. Ward’s sire and discovers that, about a century and a half ago, 90% of all vampires in London died for unknown reasons. They chase the Nosferatu down into the sewers, where they are met by an albino vampire that tells them they are intruding on “Family territory”. They give the vampire some contact info and ask him to tell Robert that they would like to speak to them, then leave the sewer and go home/go shopping.



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